Special Projects & Needs

When you have 128 acres and a small staff, you need all the help you can get!  That's why we love our volunteers!  

Whether you are looking for an Eagle Scout project or just need to complete some community service hours, we can always use a hand.

Below is a list of items we currently need help with:



Repair or Replace

  • Construct a "Mystery Box" for our educators to use with field trips and visitors
  • Build a split rail fence along the Briley Farm property line
  • Build a trelace fence along the Blue Trail 
  • Replicate & digitize the Honor Forest data, a new kisok for this project is badly needed too!
  • Repair the rain barrels with screens on top.


  • Clear 1-3 acres of habitat on the Red Trail, and plant longleaf pines. Long leaf pines are native to the area, can live to be 300 years old, and benefit the plants and animals in the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Plant 1-3 acres of habitat on the Red Trail with native wire, love and other grasses.  Wiregrass and other native grasses are essential to a healthy functioning ecosystem by carrying fire from prescribed burns.


If you'd like to help with any of these items, email Outreach@OaklandNaturePreserve.org.

Eagle Scouts

Please visit our Scout Project page for more information on submitting your application.